A Word called Writing

Sometimes it can be a solution for many problems..
When it’s better to keep silent..
When it’s better to keep everything by ourselves..
When we don’t even know what we want or what on our mind is..

If crying can make us feel relieve (girls only :D) but in the other side it can’t solve the problem..
Well, for me, writing can do both..

Sometimes we can’t reveal about every things..
maybe because “it’s restricted topic”..
or because “no friend with shoulder to cry on”..
or because “it’s better shutting your mouth up than making bigger problem”..
or because “I don’t even understand what’s on my mind”..
or just because “it’s just too shameful to show people that I’m this lame”..

That’s why, we do writing..
To re-arrange what really on our mind is..
To feel relieve with all things that burden our mind..
To find an alternative that we can do to make every things better..

To write doesn’t always meant that everyone should read it..
Maybe it’s better to keep it just for ourselves for greater good..

Maybe it’s not the best way..
Maybe it’s nothing compare with discussing problem with anyone alive..
But, it can be a best way for us who lack of ability to convey what on our mind is..

Well this is it..
An opinion about writing..

7 Desember 2008 09.20