Past, Today, and Tommorow..

just close ur eyes n forget about past, today, n tommorow 4 a moment..
hold on..
and WHEN u open them – there it is – the world seems brighter..

it’s about the first time thinking it as a fate that would happen to me..
it’s about things which are done n undone to reach it..
it’s about the reasons why I believe it as my best future ..
it’s about having a great hope and praying for the same thing over and over..
and finally, it’s about accepting that I lose a chance to get it..

it’s about losing mind for a moment..
it’s about wondering Gods secret behind this..
it’s about asking ‘is THERE still another chance?’ or ‘IS it really over?’
it’s about changing direction for life..
and it’s about arranging again the future plan..

it’s about letting it go..
it’s about worrying whAt WILL happen next..
it’s about forgetting the picture that has been dreamt of for years..

close ur eyes n think everything sorrounds u..
hold on n think..
things are fine.. life works well.. n THERE’S still someone who always there..
yes.. there’s nothing to worry about..

open ur eyes..
see good things behind this..
the unpredictAble WAY of life goes on for u..
and the brighter world..
just believe everything will be okey..

p.s: this note made to thank for his word given when I’m down and also for my self..

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