What do u want to be..

The title written above is a question asked to me in a motivation seminar..
Many answered that question by: ‘I want to be ‘
– strong
– patient
– iklash
– and so on..

but me, I answered this by ‘I want to be useful’.. that’s all I could think in that time..
coz I believe the feeling of being useless is one of the worst feeling I couldn’t stand,,
beside heart broken feeling of course..

useless feeling felt like combination of several feeling such as sad, bad mood, lonely, losing hope, and worst, it feels like no good thing could happen because of ourselves..

have u ever felt something like this? especially when u see the one u care about struggling in problems without anything that we can help to lighten the burden..

and worse,, if that one is the special one that can bring such inspiration in ur life lately..
😦 😦 😦

God, please,, I wanna be useful for others, especially the ones who I care the most..

p.s: someone says that sometimes we can do nothing but pray to God to help people that we care :)..

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