It’s nothing but only coincidence :)

Coincidence, Dream, n Hunch

Some times, in life we find several coincidences those surprise us and even make us think more about them after those happened. We thought them as a hunch or as a sign for something bigger would happen.

In my previous writing, Hanya Sekedar Kebetulan Kah?,I wrote several coincidence those made me amazed and couldn’t believe such things could happen. I used to think that these things happened for some reasons and these weren’t just coincidence..
But lately, I changed my mind.. I don’t believe those things anymore,.
Coincidence is exist.. Few things happen just as a coincidence, not more..
Let me tell you some about things that we can called by coincidences..

Several people said: “Hei mi, your face is so like your boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now), that could mean you two are soulmate..” –> this one is so wrong.. several, not just one people, so I just believed in it.. but… it turned to be just coincidence right? 🙂
I prayed: “God, please show me my soul mate”
In the night of the same day: “What a dream!!! having a ‘akad nikah’ with designate husband that I could see clearly who he was in my dream” (we usually have object in our dream blurry right?) –> but again, don’t you see I’m still here, single n mingle :D.. so, it’s just another coincidence, right?
Having such this conversation:
A: (in mind) I want to go to BEC, hmm, let ask someone as company..
B: Mi, let’s go to BEC, I want to buy something..
A: Hee.. How could?? I just wanted to ask you as company to BEC..
And such conversation happens almost every day.. It’s not just coincidence that repeat every day right? 😀 it’s just happend because we have the same pattern of thinking..
and a lot more stories I forget to write for now.. 😀

Sometimes it’s not an answer from God for what we have prayed..
Sometimes, we have those coincidence just to remind us back that God Almighty could do anything in God Power,, anything that’s sometimes out of our mind or something that we could ever think before..
Sometimes, it’s just a dream.. flower for our sleep.. not a hunch.. not a sign.. if we want to think about it more, we can realize that we have the dream that something we do really want or something that we are afraid so much in the deepest side of our mind..

Sometimes we’re just tired of doing such hard effort without result,,,
or of long time praying and having faith without answer,,,
or of hoping our dream could come true so much but it’s never come true,,,

Sometimes those coincidence just happen to make us smile again..
to make us find life is still interesting..
and to make us cherish the life more..

So in the end.. what we should believe? the coincidence? or the dream? or the hunch?
For me, I believe in God, I believe that God always wants the best for me..
the dream, coincidence, or hunch can have meaning.. but not always,,
those happen because of something has happened way past back..
those could happen because action-reaction law is exist in our life..
those just happened.. 🙂

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