3 Idiots

Woow.. I would give it 9/10 as rating for this film.. though it’s 8.1/10 in IMDB (still good, right?)..
What a masterpiece it is..
I give 9 for the whole film.. n 1 for the Indian song which made it dramatic (and I don’t really like it)..

Well, 3 Idiots told us a story about a journey of Raju (Sharman Joshi) and Farhan’s (Madhavan) in purpose to look for their best friends in college, Rancho (Aamir Khaan).. It’s an interesting journey they’ve got.. In the middle of the journey, we can see the flashback of their adventures in a college.. and why Raju and Farhan have big willing in finding Rancho.. The college story is interesting too.. It takes most of the film duration.. It tells us about how education works in India, what’s the primary issue, and problems that usually arise in Indian college life..

In one site User’s Review, they said “One of the best movie of decade“. It’s not just words.. You can check IMDB user review for this movie.. πŸ˜€

For me, it’s extraordinary,,Β  it’s not just about telling a story.. It has several point plus for the journey, science, education, romance, friendship, and family values.. a lot of values, right? I can call it a “Complete Package” movie.. And it’s been a long time I haven’t see such a complete package like this..

There are several value we can take from this movie,, The most I remember is about doing what you love to be success.. and how the world is working in the way it’s not supposed to be.. The world system dividesΒ  us people in clusters.. People values others by their successful, by their college grade, by the job they could get, and several other grading systems.. There are several other important things.. and of course most of us have realized about them..
In the religion point of view (first and best view), people are appraised by their level of belief in God and the quality of prays they’ve done..
In the general ideal point of view, that most important thing is doing what we love.. and it is.. it brings us happiness and success..

This movie teach us about the last line.. Simple, classic and cliche.. But it’s true..
The effect I get after watching it is like the effect I can get every time I read the ‘5 Menara’ novel.. It brings me inspiration and spirit to study, to work, to arrange what my future will be, to love what I do (and fortunately I love what I do) and to be better each day..

So, what are you waiting for.. Just watch it.. enjoy it.. n hopefully you’ll find new exitement and values after watching this movie πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “3 Idiots

  1. wowwww… mantab reviewnya full in english!!! πŸ˜€

    cuma 8.1?? mungkin gara2 unsur tari2 indianya itu yaa πŸ˜€ tapi ya namanya juga film india, gak bisa lepas lah itu unsur tarian2nya… malah bagus menurut saya sih *yang aal iz well yah”

    • soal rating, iyaah kayaknya bapak zakka.. hihihi.. ak jg ngurangin 1 nilainya gara2 itu kaan..
      soal bhs inggris, entah knapa pas abis nonton smua komentarnya dah kesusun aja di bhs inggris, pas mo nge-indonesiain malahan bingung πŸ˜• skalian blajar buat tes ELPT sih :p (malah curcol)

    • udaaah douung B-) klo film2 golden globe n oscar saya mah cepat tanggap.. tp klo dibikin review.. hmm.. blom sempet deh (kayaak siapaaa gitu ya yg disuruh nonton 3 blg nda sempet :p)

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