His Name is Kala

A name using same philosophy as his sister. Simple, unique, yet meaningful..

Kala is literally meant time.. waktu.. 

Every milestone on his life was always on the right time, like purposely designed to align with his mother activities.

The first time we knew about Kala, in Utun mode, was when I had to do medical checkup requiring rontgen. When the doctor asked for rontgen, suddenly I remember what happened earlier that day, and refused. In the morning, Ayah suddenly asked: you hadn’t gotten your period this month, had you? Eh.. I didn’t even realized until being asked. Then I bought a testpack after. Well, yaaay Kala was on the making.

Later, I had to attend a training, we called it PK-Persiapan Keberangkatan Beasiswa Pendidikan LPDP. It was held on my second trimester of pregnancy. The easiest, healthiest moment of a pregnancy timeline, without those nausea and fatigue. I could easily enjoy the training which was fulfilled with great speaker and mentor, and not to mention, new family, PK-58. Priceless experience!

On the last trimester, I had to do a series of entrance exams for doctoral program in Universitas Indonesia. It began with academic and english test, faculty test, interview, and new students registration after passing those exams. Registration was held on June 2nd. Kala was birth on June 6th. How close! It was also the same period with final exams held in STT-NF, a campus where I work. It meant no teaching schedule for me.

I got my 3 months maternal leave exacly on the holiday period in STT-NF. Thanks to Allah and baby Kala who was born 3 weeks early.

There are more stories regarding Kala and his amazingly right in time milestone and timeline. That is why we give a tag for him: #amazingKala

Kala, we give you complete name resembling our hope and prayer to all of our children. Kala’s name meaning is exactly the same as his sister’s.




– Khalifa Alastair Khairunnas –

A great leader who can help his people into better life, and become the best version of human


You’re doing so well until now, and my prayer hope you’ll do great and amazing in every moment of your life waiting ahead. Amin.

Love, Mamah