A Digital Literacy Diary part 1

It was an idea coming true, a movement, to educate more people about digital literacy. The dream is big, but later it becomes simpler.

Raising the awareness..

The first step is building a sharing portal, a website containing simple stories about “how to” in digital literacy. All of us could get the information about digital literacy easily. It’s the tips and trick of how doing it which make a stress case.

Then, an opportunity came to me. Why don’t we build a more practical case. It can not be just a website anymore. It is an integrated education. In the end, what we need as a learner is interactive discussion room to comprehend a learning topic.

Again, I remember the first thing that an educator should do before teaching. Learn and understand about the topic first. It’s not about making a curriculum or a structured learning material. I want to share about “how-to-do” something. In that case, I need to know hundreds alternative of ‘how-to’s. It’s only happened if I do it, experience it, by my self, in a daily basis, and write it.

Here I am starting the Day-1 šŸ™‚ Bismillah.