Happy 7th Anniversary

Never, not even in my wildest dream, I imagine I would get married to this man.

We’ve been close as friends since the first year in college.

Then after years, when I got so tired of drama in life, our path crossed again..

Out of nowhere, he asked me to have lunch together.. like the old times.. he said that he want to ask someone to marry him, and wanted to ask for my opinion before that..

No suspicion..

At first he explained that he would quit his job to join his best friend build a startup..

It means he was restarting his life.. start from zero again after got married..

Then he revealed the one that he wanted to propose to..

“anak informatika kok, angkatan kita”

and I keep guessing, and guessing..

I mentioned all the name of our single female friends..

He just smiled and shook his head..

“NIM nya sekian sekian”

Oh-uh, that’s my number..

I just laugh for the next hour saying it was a joke, and he should stop immediately..

and I saw it for the first time, he was trembling..

This great and calm man was trembling..

He was serious..

It’s like pieces of puzzle of my life suddenly complete.. All I know that he is the most reliable friend, always fun to have conversation with, and not to mention a really smart person, who you can ask and tell about everything, literally..

So, why not? Isn’t marrying your best friend the best thing that could happen to anyone’s life 🙂

Sometimes, the “why me” is still banging in my mind, remembering that he’s kind of elite, and I am just a commoner..

But, yeah, eventually this is a story that Allah prepared for us..


Happy 7th anniversary Ayah.. thank you for such a wonderful life :)..